LumaShare Referral Program

Earn Unlimited Rewards with
the LumaLuv Referral Program

Help your friends and loved ones get a great night’s sleep through the LumaShare Referral Program. You can give your friends a 10% discount on the purchase of a Luma Sleep™ mattress*. And, for each and every one of your friends who buys a Luma Sleep™ mattress using your discount code, Luma Sleep will also send you a $50 Visa® Gift Card. It’s Luma’s way of thanking you and your friends for becoming Luma customers and sharing the amazing experience of sleeping on a Luma Sleep™ mattress.

How LumaShare Works

After you purchase a Luma Sleep product, we will send you a thank you e-mail that includes a special discount code. If you refer a friend to Luma Sleep™ and provide them with your discount code, your friend will receive a 10% discount on their purchase of a Luma Sleep™ mattress*. When your friend uses your discount code for the purchase of a Mattress or Slumber System, you will be eligible for a Luma Share reward. For your reward, you can opt to receive either a $50 Visa Gift card mailed directly to you or you can gift it to your friend for an additional $50 off their mattress purchase (which will be refunded after they receive their Luma mattress). Don’t worry, if you lose or forget your Luma Share discount code, just contact us and we will resend it to you.

*Eligible products are Luma Mattress™, Luma Hybrid Slumber System and Luma Latex Slumber System.

Unlimited Rewards

There is no limit to what Luma customers can earn through the Luma Share Referral Program. And the math is simple! Help your friends get a 10% discount and earn a $50 Visa Gift Card for you and for every friend you refer that purchases a Luma Sleep™ mattress.

Driven to Delight

Luma Sleep’s goal is simple, to delight our customers with exceptional products and on-going service from week one through year fifteen. We strive to make every interaction our customers have with us – from order to delivery and for years after – easy, comfortable and rewarding.

Let’s Talk!

Luma Sleep™ believes that our best advisors and advocates are our customers. We rely on and respect each and every customer’s views on every aspect of our business and we seek their input and support. If there’s something you love or anything’s not quite right, please contact us.

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