Exceptional ingredients, amazing beds

With customizable designs and made-in-USA components, everything is crafted to deliver years of healthy comfort.

Eco Friendly Mattress

There's nothing complicated about our bed designs - we just use the best components from top to bottom. Most of the bed in-box designs you'll find online have a few inches of working foam on top of a thick slab of upholstery foam. These beds can feel pretty good at first, especially if you've just gotten rid of a worn out old mattress. But after a few months, usually when its too late to return it, you'll start to notice the lack of deep, supportive comfort.

With Luma, every vertical inch is gently adapting to your movements so you stay comfortably supported.

Talalay Latex
Gently responsive, completely comfy, Talalay Latex Foam relieves pressure and relaxes tired muscles better than just about anything out there.

Wrapped Spring Array
Varying in size and position, the 1,000+ wrapped coils deliver just the right support in just the right places for a feel that those "all-foam" beds just can’t match.

Tencel Fabric Covers
Tencel is made from sustainably grown wood cellulose without the use of toxic chemicals. It feels like silk, breathes like cotton, and stays fresh and clean.

natural latex foam

Purely awesome ingredients, that are healthy for you and the planet.

Every ingredient inside and outside of Luma’s products is exceptionally comfortable, supportive and sustainable.

Both our Latex and fabrics are made from sustainable sources using environmentally responsible, energy efficient processes. Our wrapped spring support units are made from a blend of certified recycled American steel.

I didn't think a new mattress would make a difference.
The first night I slept straight through for the first time in forever.
-Sharon D., March 2016

Do I need a box spring?

Because every Luma Mattress™ and Slumber System is made with the best stuff EVER, you can keep using your current boxspring, foundation or platform base. Heck, you can throw it on the floor and it will still feel amazingly buoyant and comfy. But just in case you want to elevate your bed a bit more, we offer several, high quality made in the USA mattress foundations.

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