Comfort Exchanges & Returns

We go to extremes to make sure you're comfortable.

Extreme Comfort Exchange

At Luma, we take your comfort very seriously. We believe your mattress comfort is not something you should have to compromise. And we’ll go to extremes to make sure you’re happy. We design our mattresses with choices of comfort. Then we unconditionally guarantee that the Luma Sleep™ mattress you purchase will deliver the comfort level you want and need in a mattress. We achieve this by providing you with the ability to exchange your mattress or its comfort layer, for free for up to one (1) full year from purchase.

The Luma Hybrid Slumber System and the Luma Latex Slumber System are designed to allow you to personalize the feel of your bed. Luma’s superlative comfort layer is separate from the base mattress support core to make it easy to exchange. The Talalay latex inside the comfort layer comes in various levels of firmness. If you decide that the firmness of the comfort layer you selected at the time of purchase is either too plush or too firm, contact Luma and we will ship you a replacement comfort layer of a different firmness of Talalay latex. There is no cost to you for an exchange and you can exchange as much as you need until you find the level of comfort that you love. 

The Luma Mattress™ comes in two choices of firmness. If you decide the firmness of your Luma Mattress™ you purchased is either too plush or too firm, Luma Sleep will replace your Luma Mattress with the firmer or softer version at no cost to you. Luma will work with you to return or donate your original Luma Mattress™ as part of this process.

LUMA highly recommends waiting a few weeks before initiating an exchange as it may take a little time for your body to become acclimated to the unique support and feel of a Talalay latex product. After getting used to your new bed, if you still feel the comfort is either plusher or firmer than you had in mind, contact Luma and we will help you make an exchange. As this is an exchange, we do require that you return your current comfort layer or mattress for recycling with the included return shipping label.

In order to insure your on-going comfort, LUMA Slumber Systems will EXCHANGE comfort layer, at no cost to you, for up to 1 year (365 days) from the date of purchase.

Contact us at 1-844-586-2999, submit an exchange request form on this site, or email and a Customer Advocate will initiate the exchange process. The exchange period will remain the original purchase date if customer chooses to exchange the comfort layer in the future.

Return Policy

Luma unconditionally guarantees that the Luma Sleep Mattress system you select will allow you to sleep better than you ever have. If you are not delighted with your purchase within one (1) year of your order, and we haven’t found the exact comfort you desire through our comfort exchange program, or you simply want to return the Luma Sleep Mattress, Luma will arrange for the pick-up of the set and will process a credit.

When you initiate the return process, a Luma Customer Advocate will work with one of our charity/donation partners to arrange for the Luma Sleep Mattress to be picked up at your designated location. Once it is confirmed that the Luma product has been removed, you will be credited for the full purchase amount (100%). The credit can take 7-10 days to process after confirmation of pick-up. A Customer Advocate will maintain contact with you and let you know when the credit is processed.

The credit can only be applied to the original credit/debit card or other method used on your original method of payment.

To initiate a return, contact us at 1-844-586-2999, submit the return request form on this site, or email and a Customer Advocate will initiate the return process. The return period will remain one year from the original purchase date.

* A Luma Mattress system is a Luma Mattress™, Luma Hybrid Slumber System, and Luma Latex Slumber System.

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