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Just a few inches of Talalay Latex Foam on top of your mattress can make the difference between “owwww” and “ahhhh”.

plush talalay latex pillow

2" Thick Talalay Latex Mattress Topper

3" Thick Talalay Latex Comfort Layer

Our 2-inch thick Talalay Toppers and 3-inch thick Comfort Layers offer the uplifting, breathable pressure relief that will transform the feel of your current mattress. They are a great choice if you’ve discovered you’re not happy with the hot, sinking feel of memory foam, your current mattress doesn’t feel the way you want, or you just want some extra luxury. No matter what’s motivating you, the instantly conforming comfort of Talalay Latex will help you sleep deeper. Our Toppers and Comfort Layers feature zippered, washable Tencel fabric covers. Available in plush, medium firm, and firm options, and all standard mattress sizes.

Our extra firm topper suits us perfectly, and the quality of Luma Sleep products and service is excellent -- highly recommend.”
Michael, via Trust Pilot, Feb 2017


2" Thick Talalay
Mattress Topper $300-$500

This topper is ideal if your current mattress is in good shape, but you find yourself either tossing and turning a bit too much, getting kinda sweaty, or still feeling tired when you wake. Those are symptoms that: A) the top layer of your bed doesn’t breathe to keep you cool, or B) it’s not delivering the pressure relief you need for deep sleep. If either or both of those are true, 2” Talalay topper with zippered Tencel fabric covers should fix your problem and send you happily off to a land of cool dreams.

talalay pillow Free Shipping  •  30 Day Free Returns

Free Shipping • 30 Day Free Returns

100% Healthy, 100% made in USA

Made in Connecticut, the Talalay Latex Foam inside of our Toppers and Comfort Layers
is naturally hypo-allergenic, anti microbial and dust mite resistant.

And just to be sure your bed stays extra pristine, they’re wrapped in removeable, washable natural Tencel Fabric covers.

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