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With Luma, you’ve gotta feel it to believe it. But which Comfort Layer firmness should you choose? Select the statements below that you agree with, and you’ll have your answer. If you’d still like a little help, we’re available for live chat or on the phone.

Firmness Finder

We know it’s hard to pull the trigger when you can’t actually feel our product. Our handy firmness finder  will help you choose the right feel for you. And with a full year of free exchanges and returns, we guarantee you'll love your Luma or we'll take it back and give you a full refund.

  yes kinda no
I love snuggling up in soft, cozy bed
I'd rather my bed feel like a cloud.
I sleep mostly on my side but sometimes on my back.
My arms are sometimes asleep before I am.
I hate a firm bed!
I want a bed like those luxe ones at a 5-star hotel.
I change sleeping positions throughout the night
I sleep mostly on my stomach.
I want to sleep "on" a bed, not sink "in" it.
I hate soft beds...period!
I frequently wake up with a stiff or sore back
I love a firm bed!
Your Ideal Firmness is: Please Select... Plush Medium Firm Firm

comfort layer choices


Great for side sleepers or if you just like your bed to feel light and fluffy. Petite ladies and flyweight boxers usually like plush beds 


Perfect if you change positions during the night or just aren't sure which firmness to pick.


Ideal if you sleep on your back or like a bed that feels substantial. Also great for bigger, taller folks. 

we don’t believe one bed fits all

People have different types of bodies and different preferences. So it made perfect sense to us to design a Slumber System that you can easily personalize. We think it's much better option than attempting to navigate hundreds of options at a retail store – or even worse – being told that a single level of firmness is right for you, and zillions of other people.

We want you to be totally ecstatic about your Luma Slumber System, so we give a full year of FREE Comfort Layer Exchanges. With this, you’ll have a full year to find the perfect firmness for you, no matter how many exchanges it takes. What could be more amazing?

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