Made to adapt to life's little changes

and the big ones, too.

We design our beds differently than most of the “bed in a box” mattresses you’ll find online for one simple reason: every body is different. A great mattress should adapt to you, not the other way around.

That’s why we combine the naturally responsive, breathable comfort of Talalay Latex Foam with the advanced support of either individually wrapped pocket coils or American made Dunlop Latex Foam. Together, these advanced materials offer the progressive support, pressure relief and breathablity that makes them a great value, and a better investment in your health, than just about any mattress you'll find.

Uplifting Comfort

The top layer of every mattress we make features Talalay latex. Talalay lifts where memory foam sinks and poly foams just fall flat. Talalay’s naturally buoyant cell structure instantaneously conforms to your body to deliver amazing comfort and pressure relief without leaving those notorious memory foam craters.

Luma Slumber System
Average "bed in a box"

Naturally Cool

Talalay latex has an open cell structure that allows air to move, wicking away excess heat and moisture. Studies show that excess heat can disrupt a healthy sleep cycle. Memory foams and polyurethane foams (even the one’s with “cooling gel” additives) are closed-cell, and actually trap heat. In fact, memory foam needs to heat up in order to conform to your unique shape. We think that’s totally “uncool”.

Luma Slumber System
Average "bed in a box"

Designed to adapt to you.

Talalay adapts instantly and gently to your every movement throughout the night to keep your spine aligned and you muscles loose. But just like you, Talalay needs a support system. That’s why we’ve paired it with the progressively supportive, individually wrapped pocket coils found in the Luma Mattress and Hybrid Slumber System. Each of the 1,000 plus coils (in queen size) are able to move individually to keep your posture perfect in any sleep position.

If you upgrade to one of our Slumber Systems, you’ll get an interchangeable, super-thick Talalay comfort layer that you can exchange for a plusher or firmer version anytime your needs change, and for free in the first year.

Luma Slumber System
Average "bed in a box"
Talalay is the natural alternative to memory foam

Comparing Talalay Latex to other types of foam is like comparing Champagne to Malt Liquor

Just like champagne, Talalay latex is made using a complex process that yields a lighter, more buoyant and luxurious product. Compared to the dense, sinking feel of memory foam or stadium cushion feel of polyurethane foam, Talalay offers a light, uplifting feel that's perfect for deep sleep. It’s the “secret ingredient” in the top layers of all of our mattresses and is what makes them feel so amazing.

And it all starts with trees...

Naturally derived from the rubber tree

Natural Latex is a milky substance harvested from rubber tree plants in the tropics. Harvesting the liquid latex is similar to tapping trees for maple syrup, making it a sustainable resource and a carbon sync. Luma’s Talalay comfort layers are made in the USA with a blend of natural and man-made latex. Blending the two types of liquid latex improves durability and consistency of feel.

Individually crafted in Connecticut, USA

Talalay mattress cores are made individually in twin and queen size pin core molds using a 6-step process. Liquid latex, soaps and curing agents are combined and whipped into a frothy liquid and poured into the molds. The molds are sealed and a vacuum is pulled to distribute the liquid inside. Then the mold is then flash frozen to lock the rubber molecules into place, assuring  consistent firmness from top-to-bottom and end-to-end. Finally “the batter” is baked into it’s final form.

Washed 5 Times to be extra clean and fresh

Individual mattress cores are removed from the molds by hand and conveyed to a specialized five stage fresh water washer. This removes residual soaps and most importantly, the proteins associated with latex allergies. There has not been a reported case of an allergic reaction related to U.S. made Talalay in its 50 year history.

After washing, every single mattress core is individually tested for firmness consistency and quality.

building on nature’s perfection

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